Dragons Hope with Lizzie Bryant

Date: 16 August 2017


 DRAGONS HOPE  with Lizzie Bryant

Be pixie-led, and fairy-bound, 

in the wood turn thrice around. 

If riddles speak and paths unwind 

then Dragon’s hope is yours to find.

All is not well with the deep dwelling dragon of the dimpsy wood and the fairy queen is worried, very worried.  If she cannot find the right remedy for the dragon, and he leaves, never to return, what will happen to the wood? 

It falls to Scrumpy, the wood’s naughtiest pixie and most unlikely heroine, to save the day, the wood, and possibly the whole world…

A woodland adventure story for the whole family.  

Come dressed as fairies, elves and pixies!

Lizzie Bryant is leading or storytelling adventure today in the Sensory Garden at 2.30pm



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